SWLs and DX Stations
ATTENTION SWLs: All Short Wave listeners (SWL). You will also qualify for the certificate. Follow the instructions on the Certificates page when you submit your log. A special SWL logo will be affixed to the certificate for you. One or all 13 stations logged qualifies you. Just log ALL of the 13 Colony states and you can get a complete set of custom special event QSL cards also! all 13 are different. QSL requests to be made to each individual Colony State Station with an SASE. Consider becoming a HAM too! :)


Look at all the fun we are having! (NASWA members-watch for us in your monthly journal publication).
DX STATIONS: We all welcome your participation. We thank you for wanting to participate in our celebration of Independence, and look forward to making a "Q" with you also. Please join in on the fun with all of us. There is NO increased fee for DX stations for postage if you wish to have the certificate. All funds must be in US. Dollars.